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Stray Blade: Valley of Strays DLC story expansion launches today on PS 5, Xbox X|S, EPIC, GOG, & Steam! We […]

Greetings Stray Blade community, We are thrilled to announce that the Stray Blade 1.7 update is live on Steam and […]

This time we want to start by thanking all of you brave adventurers who dared to venture into the depths […]

Have you ever wondered where Boji vanishes to when you are taking your well-earned breaks? Well, Boji visited us in […]

Are you ready to fight for your freedom? The wait is over-one of the most anticipated action-adventure titles of 2023 […]

Nikola Nikita Jeremić, a composer famous for his many well-known projects, is now bringing the Stray Blade soundtrack to life, […]

大家情人节快乐!我们真的太爱大家了,决定于今日正式宣布游戏发售日期!以纪念这个日子 !

Watch the new Tokyo Game Show 2022 Trailer here: You can now register for the Stray Blade Beta! This is […]

通过全新《迷失之刃》宣传片了解更多开发情报, 你需要探索阿克雷亚山谷,搜刮各式各样的道具,制作强力炫酷的武器, [...]

亲爱的玩家: 《迷失之刃》封闭测试现已开放登记!你将有机会成为最先体验《迷失之刃》的玩家。 [...]

我们很开心地向大家宣布,505 Games 和 Point Blank Games 即将在 2022 年于 Steam 推出《迷失之刃》!请即刻将《迷失之刃》 [...]