Stray Blade Available Now!

Are you ready to fight for your freedom?

The wait is over-one of the most anticipated action-adventure titles of 2023 is finally here! Stray Blade is now available for purchase.

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We’re truly excited for you to experience Stray Blade. We cannot thank you enough for your ongoing encouragement throughout these years of development.

We appreciate your support and thank you all for sharing your love of Stray Blade.

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Embark on a journey to Acrea the Lost Valley, a once peaceful valley torn asunder by war and death. Navigate a vibrant, ancient world wrought with destruction as a resurrected adventurer who perished in the ruins. Travel alongside Boji, the Adventurer’s Xhinnon Wolf companion responsible for their second chance at life and uncover the forgotten treasures lying in the deepest corners of a world altered by the Adventurer’s actions.

Now eternally bound to the land they wander. The Adventurer must build a lasting bond with Boji to regain their freedom. Discover lore to advance Boji’s craftsmanship and create powerful new weapons to master a hyper-responsive combat system. Balance quick reactions with adaptable strategies to affect the flow of combat and subsequently change the world. Watch time continue to march forward with each failure.

Restore peace to colorful city ruins, frozen caverns, curving canyons, decaying throne rooms of towering god-kings, and other overgrown areas buried by time.

Approach death with a defiant grin. Explore an approachable cycle of life and death until the valley resembles its halcyon days. Thanks to explicit in-game indicators for combat, Stray Blade focuses on fun instead of frustration. Witness the world-altering effects of the Adventurer’s actions by revisiting areas — but do not be shaken by the greater challenges lying in wait.

Stray Blade launches today on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, EPIC, and Steam. Buy Stray Blade during the exclusive launch sale for a 20% discount at $27.99 / €27.99.

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Stray Blade Soundtrack

Nikola Nikita Jeremić, a composer famous for his many well-known projects, is now bringing the Stray Blade soundtrack to life, including over 25 tracks.

Enjoy a variety of different styles played on dark, modern synthesizers backed by a rich and powerful orchestral arrangement.

All provided in mp3 format.

Join Boji and enjoy lots of epic tracks starting April 20.

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